This is a place for me to discuss math that I find fascinating and beautiful. The posts are written with an intermediate audience in mind; I try to explain the concepts presented in an accessible way, but I also want to show the equations themselves so that the math is visible. The intent is not to scare people away, but rather to expose people to what the math looks like alongside the concepts. That way, a casual reader who may not have much math background can read through and get something out of the topic, while a more advanced reader can see the inner workings and perhaps do some further work on their own.

As for me, I am a newly minted Physics Ph.D. who enjoys writing and talking about math and science. My background is in atomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) physics, so you may see a few entries in that vein, but my interests expand beyond that to music, waves, astronomy, cosmology, and geometry. Outside of the realms of math and science, I play the trumpet, a little guitar, and enjoy video games, voice over, LEGO, cartoons, and general nerdery.